The Best Midori Stationery Supplies

If you've been searching for unique, high quality, best value stationery supplies, Midori collections may have just what you're looking for. Midori offers an incredible line of stationery products and accessories that take your organization to a whole new level. From their gorgeous leather Travelers Midori Notebooks to colorful accessory add-ons, this Japanese stationery brand has thought of it all. Find out which collection best suits your needs.



Meet Midori

Japanese brand Midori introduced its line of fine stationery papers and envelopes in the 1950s. Known for their superior quality, they soon began to expand with color and new products. Their simplicity catches the eye of stationery lovers around the world, offering beauty and ease for planners, writers, and more. Midori offers a range of options to help you plan your year, journal your hopes and dreams, or track your calories. There’s a little something for everyone.


Why Journal?

If you're not keen on the idea of setting down your phone or tablet for any length of time, choosing a Midori Notebook or Midori Journal may not seem like the ideal way to spend some downtime. But journaling opens up a whole new and exciting world. Keeping a journal or notebook is a great way to self-reflect, let off steam, or lock away memories you can one day look back on.


A journal or notebook offers you the freedom to express your inner thoughts, work through issues, or put your creative ideas down on paper. It relieves tension, broadens your creative thought process, and gives you a chance to slow down and enjoy what many of us take for granted. Midori makes journaling a pure luxury by crafting superior quality paper in each minimalist Midori Notebook and Journal they offer. But if I still can’t convince you, perhaps their planner collection will captivate you!


The Midori Notebook Collection

Prepare to fall in love with the Midori Notebook collection. Whether you prefer the classic Ruled Midori Notebook or the Cotton Fountain Pen Paper Midori Notebook, you won’t be disappointed.


Now some of you may be scratching your head wondering what to expect from a cotton fountain pen notebook. Cotton paper is made of approximately 20% cotton pulp. These are thin, long cotton fibers that are much more absorbent than your typical paper made of wood pulp.


So, what does this mean for you? Cotton paper allows for faster drying time, offering you a wide variety of writing utensil choices. The paper is of higher quality, giving you a more seamless feel. Cotton paper is known for its ideal use with fountain pens. The Japanese Midori Notebook boasts careful crafting with thread binding that allows for a flat lay when open. You'll love the look of the beautiful ribbon bookmark and unique cover. This Midori Notebook also comes complete with stickers allowing you to label your notebook as you please.


The Midori Journal Collection

For journal lovers, Midori Journals offer a variety of options to fit everyone’s style and need. If you’re a traveler, the Leather Traveler’s Passport Notebook and Journal Set is a must-see! Your toughest task may be selecting from the ten stunning leather cover options this Midori Journal set offers. But what makes the durable Midori Journal set stand out is its attention to detail. Meeting the traveler’s needs is certainly well taken care of.


While storage for your passport is essential, so is ample space to keep your notes, thoughts, appointments, and tickets all in one safe place. And if you aren’t one to journal while traveling, it’s about time you start. Midori’s vision for the traveler provides three handy insert slots, high-quality notebook paper in three Kraft notebook inserts. Each offers a different option, from blank, grid, and line. Never worry about losing your place in your Midori Journals with your two bookmarks and a lovely vintage compass charm. It’s the perfect travel companion for you or as a gift!


The Midori Planner Collection

One of the most sought-after collections is the Midori Planners and accessories. The

Midori Planner Pouch Diary comes in a variety of colors as well as patterns, both elegant and professional. In our technology-driven days, it’s refreshing to have a slender, fashion-conscious Midori Planner to keep us organized, creative, and unplugged. Natural linen material makes the Midori Planner easy to care for. Planner lovers will notice the perks of having:


  • Two outside storage pockets
  • Six inside storage pockets, ideal for business or credit cards
  • A pen holder
  • Additional pages for
    • Memos
    • Gift lists
    • A health calendar and checklist
    • Contacts list
    • Metro map
    • Password list


The convenient Midori Planner provides full functionality with both work and personal planning pages. You’ll stay on top of everything with an annual calendar, annual schedule planning pages, plus monthly and weekly scheduling pages. You simply have everything you need in one beautifully compact planner.


But that’s not all the Midori Planner Collection offers. If you’re quick enough, you’ll be able to snag some of their most popular Midori Planner accessories. Are you a multi-pen lover? Color coding is always fun and it helps with organization. Midori Planner accessories like the Adjustable Book Band Pen Case make it easy to tote your many writing utensils and keep them secure and in place. There are so many fun colors to choose from. And let’s be honest; doesn’t a colorful planner make your day a bit better?


Another hard to keep in stock accessory for any Midori Journal, Planner, or Notebook is the Midori Chiratto Index Labels. These are as much fun as they are life-saving! Color code all your essentials with these adorably vivid planning tabs. The matte finish allows you to mark them if you desire, or just fancy up your Midori Journal and tuck it in your planner. You can even choose a pre-numbered version of the Chiratto tabs, as well as larger monthly options.  There are just so many options to create a personal touch.


Don't forget to add your style with Embroidered Bookmarks from cameras to coffee. Can you have this much fun with your cell phone calendar? From gold page markers to stick-on planner pages, you can fully customize each Midori Journal, Notebook, and Planner to represent you. Find the right Midori fit for your lifestyle now!



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