Kokuyo Vividry Slim - 0.4mm - 10 colors!

Kokuyo Vividry Slim - 0.4mm - 10 colors! - The Stationery Life!

Kokuyo Vividry Slim - 0.4mm - 10 colors!

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These are the slimmest pens around! The colors are vibrant and the 0.4mm tip is a dream with which to write. I made sure to hold back a set of these for myself - I love them!

WIth the weightlessness of these pens, they glide smoothly across the paper. Perfect for those of us with small hands or those that need a light-weight pen.

You won't regret this purchase. These are great pens!
Ink Characteristics: Fade-Resistant
Ink Composition: Pigment-Based, Water-Based
Tip Material: Metal
Tip Size: 0.4 mm

PLEASE NOTE: Due to monitor color calibration, the image might appear a slightly different color than it actually is.

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