Rose gold is a softer alternative to traditional yellow gold and is more prevalent among younger shoppers. The Stationery Life offers a variety of rose gold products ranging from notebook accessories to washi tape and binder clips. Devote space in our desk drawer to some of our favorite rose gold products.

  • Book darts to mark your favorite passages, quotes, and topics.
  • Bulldog binder paper clips to keep up with presentations, secure sections of notes, or hang photos or sketches on the wall.
  • Washi tape in planets, diamonds, stars, and more can be used to decorate greeting cards, notebook covers, and bullet journals.

Rose gold accessories are perfect for adding decorative accents to your daily tasks. These products are absolute must-haves if you're looking to add class and charm to your collection of stationery pieces. Whether you're taking notes on your first day of college classes or trying to keep up with your never-ending grocery list as a soccer mom, The Stationery Life has the best rose gold accessories to keep you stylish and motivated. 

Be sure to check out these other great accessories that pair perfectly with our selection of rose gold stationery options:

  • OHTO horizon pens in 0.7mm and various colors.
  • A set of vegan leather notebooks in four different sizes to track everything from your to-do list to the outline for your first book.
  • BGM exotic jungle palm leaves with gold foil washi tape for the decorative accent you never knew you needed in your life before now.

The Stationery Life has the rose gold products you love at prices you can afford. Shop our expansive selection of rose gold accessories in our collection below now!