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BGM Starry Sky Shooting Stars Gold Foil Washi Tape

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Lovely starry skies complete with shooting stars!

Pretty blue skies highlight gold shooting stars and lone stars throughout the universe. This tape is a big hit!

*Brand new and high quality
*Add a festival finish to party decorations, invitations, and more.
*Decoration of your beloved diary, notebook and personal space
*Get a lot of DIY pleasure and a good mood with these colorful tapes
*These tapes are perfect for card making, wrapping gifts, scrapbooking decorating package personal items.

Note: Avoid direct sunlight

Washi masking tape is a wonderful invention for arts and craft projects. The great things about washi tapes are:

1. It is removable and you can easily re-position it.
2. You can tear them by hand, no scissors needed! No scissor danger for the children!
3. You can write on them or use rubber stamps to stamp a desired pattern over them.
4. You can layer them for different effects.
Material: Masking Tape
Size Width=30mm, Length about 5M

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