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CHAMPAGNE Mitsubishi Jetstream Edge 0.28mm Pen Oil-Based Ink | Ultra Fine Point Water Resistant Ink

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The Jetstream EDGE with a ball diameter of 0 28mm has been newly added to the Uni Jetstream series which is popular for its smooth writing and quick drying.

In recent years the need for fine print of oil-based ballpoint pens has increased and Uni has begun planning and developing an ultra-fine ball diameter of 0 28 mm. This is the world's first ultra-fine ball diameter in the oil-based ballpoint pen category. The drawing line width is thinnner than Mitsubishi's gel ink ballpoint pen with the same ball diameter. It uses low-viscosity oil-based ink "Jetstream Ink" water-resistant so it has excellent quick-drying properties and can write thick clear lines smoothly.

The body axis is designed to express the thin and sharp image of the 0 28mm ball diameter drawing line in a stylish manner and also focus on functional aspects such as stability during writing. As a specialized tool for writing fine print we focused on the material, design and usability of each part.

The four pen set consists of black, navy, champagne and white.

Diameter Grip 10.7 mm
Diameter Max 10.8 mm
Tip Retractable: Yes
Body material: Plastic
Grip: Metal
Tip Material: Metal
PLEASE NOTE: Due to monitor color calibration, the image might appear a slightly different color than it actually is.

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