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GREEN Midori Selectable Pickable Sticky Notes Transparent Sticky Note Kraft Sticky Note | 70mm

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Three types of paper are contained in this sticky note pad: "Eerabari Tsuzen". Because of the glue top binding, you can choose a sticky note from anywhere within the pad and not separate the etnrire pad. This is a sticky note with
rounded corners that combines three types of paper. There are 30 notes of high-quality paper, 20 of kraft paper, and 20 of translucent/tracing paper.

With a simple design that is easy for anyone to use, the rounded corners give a these notes a touch of sophistication.

You can use "high quality paper" for messages and memos, the "kraft paper" for gift messages, and the "translucent/tracing paper" when you want to see information through a map or book, depending on the purpose. If you use it in combination with Midori's stamps, you can enjoy your own custom sticky notes. Enjoy with fine paper and kraft paper as the stamping ink with not adhere to the translucent/tracing paper.
Product details:
Contents - 70 sheets (30 high-quality paper, 20 kraft paper, 20 transparent paper)
Package Size: H 4.4 x W 3.0 x D 0.3 inches (112 x 76 x 7mm)
Product Size: Main unit (H x W x D): 2.8 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches (70 x 70 x 7mm)

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