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Italian Waxed Genuine Leather Pencil Case Handmade Pen Bag Pencil Bags Pen Case Pencil Case Fog Wax

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If you're a serious pen and pencil aficionado like me, you need a nice case in which to store your pens. Some of us (myself included) have spent a small fortune on our pens, especially if we own fountain pens!

A leather case is durable, classy, and waterproof. What a better combination can you have to protect your most prized possessions! 

Characteristics of fog wax: Imported from Italy, its surface was waxed; It looks like a white foggy surface, but it feels very luxurious and is not sticky. Its biggest feature is that as time goes on, the wax on the surface will gradually infiltrate into the cortex, blending with the leather and slowly disappearing. The color will appear more saturated, and the gloss will increase. You do not have to wipe off the wax surface during use, and the wax will be absorbed by the leather during use. Please note that scratches are normal for waxed leather.  
100% genuine leather, Hand-carved
orange, sky blue, mint green
Close Size:
16.5*5.5 cm
Can be used as a pencil case, mini cosmetic bag, storage bag, glasses case, etc.
Type: Pencil Bag
Size: 16.5*5.5 cm
Capacity: Can contain 3-4 pens
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