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    JAPANESE OMAMORI PINK Cat Kitty Planner Charm Good Luck Bell Good Luck Charm Water Tone Bell | 2 X .080 Inches

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    I'm very picky about the products I carry. I've been searching for a long time for planner charms that really sparked joy for me and I finally found some!

    These planner charms are Japanese Omamori. Omamori (御守 or お守り) are Japanese amulets commonly sold at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, dedicated to particular Shinto kami as well as Buddhist figures, and are said to provide various forms of luck or protection. Japanese have probably always believed in amulets of one kind or another, but the modern printed charms now given out by shrines and temples first became popular in the Tokugawa period or later, and the practice of a person wearing miniature charms is also new. The latter custom is particularly common in cities. These also have a small gold-tone word plaque with good luck sentiments on it.

    This is a bell that has a lovely water-tone sound that's neither loud nor jarring. It is reminiscent of a bubbling brook flowing over stacked stones.

    These are the epitome of CUTE and once you purchase one, you will see how charming they are.

    Product Specifications:

    Bell: 0.78 X 0.78 Inches
    Length: Approximately 2 inches

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to monitor color calibration, the image might appear a slightly different color than it actually is.
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