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    Kokuyo A5 Campus DARK PINK Smart Ring Binder 20 Rings Notebook | 25 Sheets Capacity SP130

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    With its slim size and feather weight, this binder can be easily put in a slim bag and it will be easy to carry. You can easily carry it with you every day. It adopts a new mechanism and binding smart ring that allows the binder to rotate. Since it can be folded back, it doesn't take up space when it is spread open. That also means that it can lay flat!

    This binder is thinner than most notebooks! FOr those of you that demand organization, you can carry several of these to separate your tasks and it won't take up any more room than your chunky notebook!

    The replacement of the inner paper is easy. The rings open widely and can be closed with one touch, so the replacement of the inner paper is very easy. This accepts the B5 size (26 holes) loose-leaf refill paper.
    Product specifications:
    Binder comes with 5 sample pieces of paper. Paper sold separately.
    Binder comes with 5 sample pieces of paper. Paper sold separately.

    Size: A5
    Number of Holes: 20 holes
    Outside dimensions (height, width, back length): 221 x 176 x 13
    Max Capacity: 25 SheetsCover /R-PP

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