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Kokuyo Campus Shikkari Loose Leaf Paper 836BT Dotted 6 mm Rule 26 Holes 100 Sheets 836BT | B5

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Kokuyo's famous Shikkari paper is a touch toothier than the Sarasasa paper. This is a great paper for someone who has a very light touch when writing. This loose-leaf paper has holes to fit the Kokuyo binder system that is popular in Japan and now the USA!

What makes this loose-leaf paper so unique is the 6mm spacing. It makes it easy to line up your notes or to draw triangles and cubes with perfection! This was designed by watching students at Tokyo Daigaku (Tokyo University, or Todai) doing their college work and designing a notebook around what they needed.

If you need note-taking perfection, this paper is for you! Or if you simply love excellent, fountain-pen friendly paper, look no further. You'll want to purchase this paper.
Colour: White
Item #: NO-836BTN
Size: 25.8 cm / 10.2 inches
Size Width: 18.2 cm / 7.2 inches
Lines: 36 per page
Spacing: 6mm
Paper thickness: 77g/㎡・0.12mm approx.
Round hole
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