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MIDORI D-Clip NANO | Airplane

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A very small gem clip that combines design and functionality.

“D-Clips Nano” is a design gem clip that is smaller and cuter than “D-Clips”. Designed as a popular motif for desk work and clips that are active in various situations. It's about the size of an eraser and comes in a pastel-colored small slide case that you can easily carry in a pencil case.

As you fasten, the motif silhouette is clear! It can hold up to 10 papers securely. The cat pattern is shaped like a child or a baby, and when used together with the regular size "D-clips", it looks like a parent and child and can be used happily. It is also recommended to attach it to notes and cards that are given to people, or to use it as a little communication tool in the office or school.

Content: 16 pieces
Material: Case / ABS
Clip / Stainless steel
Size: Package / H55 × W36 × D12mm

PLEASE NOTE: ○ Do not give to children under 6 years old. Seek medical advice immediately if accidentally swallowed.

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