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Midori Mesh Graphics Red Stripe Planner Travel Pouch | A6

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This "MESH GRAPHICS" Midori pouch series has a graphical print on a lightly transparent mesh material. Midori uses durable mesh tarpaulin fabric used for outdoor posters. The "red stripe" looks like mesh from a roughly woven basket bag. It is a design that is simple, yet classy due to the lightness of the mesh material. Also, due to the characteristics of the material, the parts that are printed in the darker and lighter parts have different opacity, so contents are not clearly visible.

The metal zipper ring contains the Midori logo to add a touch of class. It is large and easy to hold, and it can be easily hooked anywhere you'd like. In addition, the tabs on the sides make it easier to open the zipper while holding them.

Depth: 20mm
Height: 130mm
Width: 190mm
* The placement of the pattern differs depending on the product.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to monitor and screen color calibration, the images might appear a slightly different color than they actually are. Item will be package in the smallest way possible; I am a "green" shipper and do not like to pollute the Earth with more waste than is necessary. Thank you!

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