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    MIDORI Paintable Stamp Re-Inkable Self-Inking Stamp | Daily Record Header Titles Header Stickers Olive Package

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    This is a fun stamp that rotates so that you can choose a pattern and easily decorate your notes and diary. It comes with a removable ink pad that can be re-inked. It's fun to be able to press it easily and repeatedly, and the ease with which you can instantly reproduce difficult characters by handwriting is a true time-saver. You can use the attached ink pad about 2,000 times before re-inking. When the ink runs low, it can be replenished with the "exclusive replenishment ink", which is sold separately.

    Cute decorations for planners and notebooks! The 12-month stamp can also be used for bullet journals and can be used by switching between 12 stamps from to on one stamp. You can easily and beautifully reproduce stamps that are difficult to draw by yourself.

    Since it is an oil-based ink, it will not bleed even if you apply a color over it with a water-based marker. Of course, it is also recommended to use it simply as a black stamp or to colorfully decorate it. You can enjoy coloring it after you stamp.
    Body:ABS+POM+Polycarbonate+Spring steel
    Stamp:rubber / 12 designs Inkpad attached
    Oil-based Ink:ABS + Urethane
    Package:PET package
    Package size: H160×W85×D28mm
    Body: H76×W44×D26mm
    Weight 48g (w/o package: 30g)
    Approx. Stamping Area: 3/16" X 3/4"
    Usage tips:
    * If you do not use the stamp for a long time, remove the ink pad from the main body, cover the ink pad, and store it.
    * Because this is an oil-based ink, be careful not to get it on clothing.
    * Depending on the material of the paper to be imprinted, the ink may dry slowly or bleeding may occur.
    * Do not rub the rubber stamp surface with your finger or a sharp object as it may cause damage.
    * Do not place near heat or places with high temperature (in a car in summer or in direct sunlight).

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