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    Midori Square Paintable Stamp Re-Inkable Self-Inking Stamp | EXERCISE TRACKER HEALTH Tracker Yellow Package

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    You can press fine patterns neatly! A stamp that can be painted or written upon!

    This is a penetrating type stamp that allows you to press fine patterns neatly and write records and messages. These stack for easy storage. It is an easy-to-press square and can be pressed about 1,000 times. When the ink becomes thin, it can be replenished with the separately sold ink at this link:

    Since it is an oil-based ink, it will not bleed even if you apply color over the stamp with a water-based marker. You can enjoy the stamp decoration by pressing it on your notebook, diary, or sticky note and coloring it to your liking. Let's enjoy recording study and lessons with the "planning study tracker stamp".

    Enjoy decorating records and messages written on your favorite notebooks and sticky notes! You can easily and enjoyably press it as many times as you like. I can't write it myself, but it's easy to reproduce the cute design in an instant when you press it.

    If you use this with the Midori Sticky Notes ( you can make your own original sticky notes and arrange them any way that you like. "Midori Sticky Notes" is a set of three types of paper: high-quality paper, kraft paper, and tracing paper, so you can use the paper according to your needs.

    Body: ABS Seal face: PE
    Oil-based Ink
    Package: PET package
    Package size: H160×W85×D20mm
    Body: H61×W61×D19mm
    Weight 49g (w/o package:34g)
    * Please enjoy stamping on high-quality paper and kraft paper. Tracing paper repels ink and cannot be pressed.

    You are purchasing one stamp unless you choose one Midori Sticky Note color from the dropdown menu and in that case, you will receive one stamp and one pad of Modri Sticky Notes.
    Usage tips:
    * Because this is an oil-based ink, be careful not to get it on clothing.
    * Depending on the material of the paper to be imprinted, the ink may dry slowly or bleeding may occur.
    * Do not rub the rubber stamp surface with your finger or a sharp object as it may cause damage.
    * Do not place near heat or places with high temperature (in a car in summer or in direct sunlight).

    By purchasing this item, you agree to abide by my terms and conditions, which can be located here:

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