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Mitsubishi BLUE Uni Kuru Toga Kurutoga Advance UPGRADE 0.5mm Lead Mechanical Pencil M5-1030 | 0.5mm

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* Precise metal punched grip for a smooth grip.
* Precisely punched decadent metal tip shaft that has a punched holes in the grip part that also functions as a guide for the grip.
* The punch holes on the tip shaft and the joints with the base do not get caught, and the shaft coating gives a good finger contact, achieving a smooth grip.
* Stable low center of gravity and luxurious smart design

* By using metal parts for the tip shaft and the base, it has a low center of gravity design with a sense of stability. The tip shaft has a slightly rounded shape that fits in your hand. The rear axle is slimmed down as much as possible to give a smart look. As always, this is equipped with an automatic core rotation mechanism, but this time the mechanism is not visible. Instead, Mitsubishi made the body out of metal for and upgraded look and feel
Diameter - Grip: 11.5 mm
Diameter - Max: 9 mm
Eraser: Yes
Eraser Refillable: Yes
Tip Retractable: Yes
Material: Metal
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