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Mitsubishi RED Uni Kuru Toga Kurutoga Advance 0.5mm Lead Mechanical Pencil M5-559 | 0.5mm

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* Precise rubberized grip for a smooth grip.
* Stable low center of gravity and luxurious smart design

Mechanical pencils have one inherent fault: the lead can become flat on one side. Uni Mitsubishi has solved this dilemma with an auto-rotation mechanism that rotates the lead so that it wears evenly and keeps a conical point in the center of the lead. A spring-loaded clutch mechanism rotates the lead each time that the pencil is lifted from the writing surface. The Advance pencil also has metal clutch components to ensure smoothness and lasting durability

Diameter Grip: 10.3 mm
Diameter Max: 10.6 mm
Eraser: Yes
Eraser Refillable: Yes
Tip Retractable: Yes
Material: Plastic
Sleeve Type: Sliding
Tip Material: Metal
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