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Pilot FriXion Point Knock 04 Gel Pen 0.4 mm Erasable | Black

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Friction with a synergy chip that realizes smooth writing
"Friction Point Knock 04" is an ultra-fine erasable ballpoint pen that realizes smooth writing by utilizing the features of "friction" that disappears when rubbed and the features of "Synergy Tip". "Synergy tip" is a "pipe tip" that has a structure in which an indent is formed on the tip of an ultra-fine stainless steel pipe suitable for fine writing to support the ball with a point, and a conical tip used in general ballpoint pens. A chip with a structure and shape that takes advantage of each of the features of the "conical tip" that is strong, stable, and easy to write with. Therefore, even though the pen tip is optimal for fine writing, the pen tip strength is high, the ink supply is smooth, and smooth writing is possible.

Ultra-fine 0.4 mm pen tip is ideal for small writing in areas such as notebooks and materials. With an ultra-fine 0.4 mm pen tip, it is easy to write on small items such as notebooks and materials, and the erasing rubber on the back of the pen has a slim shape, making it easy to erase even small writing. The body design uses metal clips and bases for a luxurious finish. The shaft diameter is 10.5 mm, which is slightly slimmer than the "Friction Ball Knock", making it easier to store in a pocket of a notebook or suit.

Features of friction series
[Characteristic 1] Handwriting becomes transparent due to temperature changes!
A newly-developed ballpoint pen equipped with "friction ink," which makes the ink colorless due to temperature changes. Since "Friction ink" has a set decoloring temperature, the color of the ink changes to colorless due to the frictional heat generated by rubbing the handwriting with the special rubber on the back of the body, and you can erase the handwriting.

[Characteristic 2] No erased residue. There is little erase left over.
Unlike writing tools that erase with an eraser, the ink becomes colorless due to frictional heat, so there is no erasure residue. Another feature is that there is very little erasure residue compared to the erased marks on pencils and mechanical pencils.

[Characteristic 3] It is possible to write over and over again. Unlike chemical formulas such as ink erasing liquid, it is possible to write repeatedly at erased parts.

[How to use] After the handwriting is dry, rubbing with the rubber on the back of the shaft will erase the color. * Cannot be used for certificate and address writing.

Length Retracted: 14.2 cm / 5.6 inches
Tip Material: Metal
Tip Size: 0.4 mm
Tip Type: Conical (Synergy), Needle Point (Synergy)



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