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    Sailor SHIKIORI Four Seasons SUMMER Dual Tip Calligraphy Brush Pen Fine Tip Pen | 25-5101-002

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    A water-based marker with the same color as the dye ink for fountain pens in the SHIKIORI series of writing instruments that feel the four seasons woven by Japanese nature. You can use it in two ways, one is a brush type and the other is a fine print type. A set of 5 colors each for spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

    A new collection of 20 brush pens that perfectly match the colors of the Shikiori bottled ink range. There are a total of 20 ink colors, 5 colors each for spring, summer, autumn, and winter, which are images of the four seasons of Japan. With a brush type with moderate elasticity and a fine twin marker that is ideal for fine writing, you can enjoy your favorite ink color used in fountain pens with different textures.

    You can use it together with a fountain pen, or enjoy Japanese colors with a more convenient water-based marker in the season when handwriting increases during the year-end and New Year holidays. You can enjoy your favorite "color" in various writing scenes.

    Made exclusively in our their factory in Hiroshima Japan using the best quality materials available. Their products are brought to you worldwide by a dedicated team of distributors and retailers. In 1911, Mr. Kyugoro Sakata, an engineer from the historic naval port of Hiroshima, was introduced to a fountain pen brought from England by a sailor friend. Fascinated by it, he soon became determined to produce finely crafted writing instruments in Japan with the highest specification and writing performance. Mr. Sakata decided to call the company Sailor Pen in the expectation that the business would expand internationally like the voyages of a sailor. The company thus became the first to produce Fountain Pens in Japan and it is still one of the oldest pen companies in the industry.

    ● Ink: Water-based dye
    ● Character width: Brush (brush), fine character (round core)
    ● Lid / shaft / small lid / mouthpiece: PP recycled resin
    ● Lid plug: PC resin
    ● Body size: Φ14 × 153mm
    ● Body weight: 9.5 g
    ● Package: PP / Paper
    ● Package size: W67 × D15 × H155mm
    ● Weight: 64.5g
    ◆ Spring set ・ ・ ・ Wakadori, Umimatsu Ai, Smell, Night cherry blossom, Sakuramori
    ◆ Summer set ・ ・ ・ Earthenware, Rikyu tea, Soten, Wisteria, Night fire
    ◆ Autumn set ・ ・・ Kanagi 犀・ Okuyama ・Mid-Autumn ・ Night long・ Mountain bird
    ◆ Winter set ・ ・ ・ Hearth ・ Shigure ・ Shimoya ・ Yukimei ・ Tokiwamatsu

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