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SEDUM SUCCULENTS | Bande Washi Tape Masking Tape Sticker Roll BDA399 200 Stickers

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This is the best of both worlds! ROLLS of washi tape STICKERS!

Flowers and petals stickers from Bande tape are made of washi papers, covered by high quality printing of real-like floral designs. Bande masking stickers roll is rolled up with single stickers of flowers, petals or leaves, that are designed with a wide range of unique designs (6~20 designs). That is a great advantage when you create a design of bundles. Makes your design look real with a great sense of originality and high quality. You may use a single sticker to mark up your diary special events. You may create a colorful and vivd shapes, or create a realistic ring of stickers for your special letter to the one you care about. You can use it to make a frame for you printed photos.

Made in Japan

Washi masking tape is a wonderful invention for arts and craft projects. The great things about washi tape is:

It is removable and you can easily re-position it.
You can write on them or use rubber stamps to stamp the desired pattern over them.
You can layer them for different effects.
Material: Masking Tape

Quantity of designs as shown in second image
1 piece size: 36~16 x 36~28mm
Tape Length: 11 m
Tape Roll Inner Diameter: 3.0 cm / 1.2 inches
Tape Roll Outer Diameter: 3.8 cm / 1.5 inches
Tape Width: 36 mm

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