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Shachihata Iromoyo Ink Pad Stamp Pad Stamper Ink HA C1-R | Red

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Shachihata 'Iromoyo' ink pads feature beautiful traditional colours of Japan which are traditionally used in Japanese arts, literatures, textiles and crafts. Most of the colour names originate from the names of plants, flowers, and animals that bore or resembled them.

Shachihata ink pads are known for their fast-drying oil-based inks. The ink pad has an ultra-fine surface which allow your rubber stamp to hold appropriate amount of ink by pressing on the ink pad gently. With Shachihata ink pad, you could get a delicate and clear pattern printed clearly and evenly, including small rubber stamps or those with fine lines. As the inks do not bleed through most papers, you can use them for creating multicolour artworks.

The ink on the rubber stamp can be wiped off with tissue moistened with water, allowing it easy to change colours.

The palm-sized ink pad comes with a transparent cover labeled with the colour name. The lid is designed thoughtfully so that you could stack the ink pads together on your desk, making them perfect for collection.

Started in 1925, Shachihata has been a leading brand in name stamps and ink pads in Japan. Name stamp is an essential part of life in Asia, and everyone has at least one to seal official documents. When Neil opened his first bank account in Taiwan, a name stamp was required and any important changes would require the original stamp to be presented. It’s like an additional ID. It’s common to stamp next to your signature when you sign a document to indicate it’s a serious verification. Sometimes, on less official documents, stamping by itself just means that you have read it and approved. Shachihata’s products are designed under office environment that requires lots of reviewing and name stamping, and their ink really stands out. Their ink is specially designed pigment-based ink, which has really fine pigment particle that dries very fast on paper. The contact surface of the ink pad is dense, so that the result of stamp is very vivid comparing to other stamp pads. We love them and especially love to use them when the design of a stamp is very detailed.

Size: 63×40mm
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