Gold is one of the most precious metals on earth and also is the color used to symbolize luxury and wealth. Gold has become increasingly popular as an accent for home accessories, and now its popularity has carried over into the stationery world as well! Channel the feeling of royalty with our collection of gold stationery must-haves.

  • Add our gold metal book darts to your favorite book of poetry to mark one of your favorite quotes.
  • Draw attention to your presentations with our gold skeleton frame hollow wire binder clips.
  • Create custom greeting cards by pairing our super skinny 3mm gold foil triangles washi tape with card stock.

You'll find everything you need at The Stationery Life, whether you're stocking up on pens and notebooks for school or investing in a few quality pieces for your first corner office. Our collection includes top brands such as MoteMote, OHTO, and Kokuyo. 

When shopping for stationery products, keep in mind how and when you'll use them. Here are a few suggestions for each type of product:

  • Pens: Ensure your profession doesn't require a particular ink color. It's also important to know what mm thickness you prefer your pens.
  • Binder clips: Purchase binder clips in a variety of sizes to organize presentations, keep track of relevant documents, or get creative and use them to hang photographs on the wall.
  • Washi tape: Use washi tape to create a custom planner to track your goals, ideas, and to-do list.

At The Stationery Life, you'll find a great selection of gold-colored products to accessorize your stationery collection. Find something for yourself or shop for your friends. Browse our gold collection at The Stationery Life now.