Is pink for girls? Not anymore. Although it used to be relegated to feminine energies and girly products, pink now evokes feelings of charm, love, and calmness. The Stationery Life offers a variety of products in multiple shades of this fun and festive color. Shop from items, including planners, pens, notebooks, highlighters, stickers, and more. Some of our favorite pink products include:

  • Premium die-cut pink flamingo stickers that are perfect for adding a pop of color to greeting cards, notebook covers, or day planners.
  • Alligator binder clips in a variety of sizes and colors to organize papers, secure files, and even hang artwork.
  • A vegan leather messenger shoulder bag to keep your stationery items all in one place as you tackle anything and everything life throws at you.

When browsing new stationery items, it's essential to keep in mind how and when you'll use them. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Pens: Pens come in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate every writer. If you prefer a more delicate line of ink, choose a pen with a smaller mm width, such as the 0.4mm Pilot juice gel pen.
  • Notebooks: Boring notebooks are a thing of the past. Did you know you can choose from luxury paper options, including dots, blank paper, and other options in addition to the standard lined variety? We love using dots and washi tape to create custom bullet journals!
  • Accessories: Stock up on pop-up stickers, different size and style binder clips, washi tape, and a case big enough to keep everything by your side

You'll find everything you need for yourself and your friends at The Stationery Life. Shop our collection of pink products now!