The color red evokes feelings of passion, fire, and sometimes even rage. Thankfully the only rage you'll find here is when you can't fit all of your favorite pens into your pencil case. Don't worry, though. We have bigger cases just for situations like this. 

The Stationery Life carries a variety of products in different shades of red. You'll find everything from planners, pens, and notebooks, to diaries, washi tape, and more. Find the same passion we do with some of our favorite red products:

  • Watercolor gradient washi tape is perfect for dividing different sections of your favorite blank notebook to create custom lists, sketches, and schedules.
  • A set of colorful red Cagie leather monthly index tabs that, when paired with your favorite journal or notebook, help you find the balance between organized and chaos.
  • The Midori pouch diary in linen red features a zipper pouch, pen holder, full calendar, and schedule breakdown by week and month.

When shopping for new stationery products, keep in mind how and when you'll put them to use. Here are a few tips and tricks:  

  • Pens: You can purchase pens in a variety of ink thicknesses. If you prefer a more delicate line, select a pen with a smaller mm, such as the 0.4mm Pilot juice gel pen.
  • Notebooks: Our notebooks come in a variety of sizes, styles, and layouts. Whether you're looking for a standard notebook to jot notes during a meeting or a more luxurious version for bringing the dreams of your first novel to life, The Stationery Life has something for you.
  • Accessories: Don't forget to pick up a vegan leather messenger bag to fit your laptop, pop-up sticky notes for your notebook, and washi tape to decorate all of your new favorite products.

Shop our collection of red stationery products now for everything you need to keep your desk accessory game on point!