Don't be green with envy. Be green with your pens, notebooks, and desktop accessories thanks to The Stationery Life. Green gives off a calming and relaxing vibe and is the color of renewal and growth. The color green is also known to symbolize luck, prosperity, and increased energy. Harness the power that these green colors create and start your day off right when you take home some of these products from The Stationery Life:

  • Keep your personal and professional life organized with the greenery task manager planner by MoteMote.
  • Store your pens in style with the teffa double pen case in lime green by Lihit Lab.
  • Create custom envelopes, design your planner, or glue anything together with the portable glue dispenser by Nichiban Tenori. 

When purchasing new stationery products, it's essential to consider how and where you'll use them. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Pens: Most pens come in a variety of thicknesses. If you prefer a more delicate line, choose a pen with a smaller mm width, such as the 0.3mm single Pilot juice gel pen.
  • Notebooks: Plain lined notebooks are a thing of the past. Customers can now choose from dots, blank, and other options in addition to the standard lined variety. Dots are great for bullet journals!
  • Accessories: Stock up on pop-up sticky notes, a variety of binder clips, washi tape, and a pencil case large enough to store everything.

You'll find everything you need for yourself and those you love at The Stationery Life. Browse our green collection of products now!