At The Stationery Life, we're always adding exceptional new imported stationery items from across the world! Whether it's a new notebook, a great pen, or some cheeky stickers, you'll always find our latest inventory right here. Some of our favorite selections include:

  • Washi tape: Don't get this excellent product confused with your generic desk tape. Washi tape is a fun and exciting way to add a decorative accent to notebook covers, greeting cards, and planners. You'll find washi tape in patterns including galaxies, flowers, foods, and even penguins!
  • Notebooks: The Stationery Life carries notebooks in different colors, sizes, and page styles. Create your bullet journal, take notes on the go, or keep a running list of books you want to read.
  • Pens: Whether you're looking for everyday pens to take notes or write letters, or a particular writing utensil to give as a gift to a new colleague, you'll find something for everyone at The Stationery Life.

Stationery offers an ever-changing rotation of gift ideas for everyone in your life. In addition to finding something for yourself, these products make great gifts for those you love.

  • Pair a premium lined notebook with a fountain pen to create a gift for your boss.
  • Gift a vintage leather traveler notebook to your best friend who has a passion for adventure.
  • Purchase a rainbow assortment of notebooks in different styles for a friend who is trying to practice more thoughtful journaling. 

The Stationery Life has something for everyone. Check back frequently to see our updated selection of new stationery items from all over the world. Shop our latest products to fill your desk and home with stationery happiness!