Your orders are shipped within 24 hours of being received.  I have daily scheduled pickup for my packages and have all pickups confirmed both on video and via my scheduled pickup receipt. 

Unfortunately, my distribution hub is very backed up and currently has 12 semi-trailers sitting to unload.

Also, I've talked to my local postmaster and my hub is significantly low on staff due to COVID. People are out sick or on quarantine due to exposure.

Carriers are not scanning packages or SCAN forms when packages are being picked up, so it appears that packages have not been shipped at all. I do not know if they've been instructed to do this by management or the carriers are doing this independently from management, but the fact remains that they are not being scanned.  I've also heard that the USPS computer system itself has crashed several times and simply cannot handle the volume of scans going through right now. 

I've been very active in small business forums to ascertain what's been going on around the US in regards to shipping and packages and this is happening all over the USA. The USPS isn't staffed to handle this type of volume and their computer systems are having difficulty as well. 

All we can do is wait, I'm afraid. My hands are tied and all I can do to assure excellent customer service is to ship my packages on time, which is done every day. I have not had a package take longer than 36 hours to leave my business in a very long time. 

I'm sorry.